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Retail compliant, wholesale fulfillment.

We understand that growing your business into the wholesale market can be an important part of your business's growth. We have a team that specializes in wholesale processing, to include all of the requirements that may need to be met. 

A smooth wholesale solution for your business.

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Moby Dick 3PL integrates with many of the platforms you use in your wholesale backend. We will partner with you to ensure you have the best possible end to end wholesale fulfillment experience.

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Warehousing & Storage

We will work with you to create a storage solution that is both flexible and cost efficient. Our facility can accommodate a variety of materials of all shapes and sizes. We also offer Reserve Storage solutions for customers who may only need a temporary storage facility.

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B2B Services

Wholesale (B2B) services and capabilities to meet your needs. Our team specializes in Retail Compliance, Cross Docking, FBA Prep, and 3rd Party Shipping Accounts.

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Columbus is a fulfillment opportunity.

Ohio checks off a number of key items for e-commerce: geographic location, a key transportation network, and skilled labor. A retailer can deliver to 90 percent of its customers within two business days and shippers can get to 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population within 600 miles of the state’s borders.

What does this mean for your wholesale business?

  • Processing times to meet delivery expectations
  • Reduction in compliance fees
  • Volume scalability

You're here for a reason. Let's talk fulfillment.

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